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Bringing Business Professionals together

It's Networking Baby is all about bringing business professionals across the Phoenix Metro Area together, so we can all be our very best. For the past 1 years, we have been bringing professionals from all walks of life, and all industries, together to bounce ideas off each other and teach you how to effectively network and grow your business. Email It's Networking Baby today at for more information and to set up your first of two FREE meetings, with a complementary FREE breakfast.


To help you get to know us a little better and find out how we can help you grow and develop your business, we have provided you with some of our most frequently asked questions below.

We only accept applications from one person per professional specialty. This allows for a broad mix of members, and eliminates the possibility of competition and conflict within the group.  We understand that many professions are broad and people often specialize within their profession. INB does not expect, nor does it encourage, any professional to participate in an area in which the professional does not have expertise. On the contrary, we prohibit professionals from acting outside the scope of their abilities. 

The membership process requires references which are followed up by our Membership Committee. Most potential members have spoken to someone in the group, or been invited by someone within the group.

INB has high ethical standards of conduct. It is imperative that anyone who gives a lead and finds out it was not satisfactorily handled, must report the issue to the Membership Committee. The lead is then investigated and dealt with accordingly.

INB understands the importance of ethical concerns governing certain professions, and acknowledges that rules can differ by location. As such, we require members to uphold the rules of their profession, so as not to violate ethical obligations. 


In the event that INB’s general rules could potentially violate a professional’s ethical code, INB’s rules are superseded by the dictates of the professional’s ethics’ code. A primary objective of INB is to educate its members in ways that market and grow business. It is our intent to ensure that this is permitted.

It is not the occupation that benefits, it is the individual. INB focuses on building and enhancing personal and professional relationships. As individuals, we meet regularly to foster these relationships and establish a high level of trust between members. 


If you are focused, and willing to make a sacrifice in order to succeed, then you are a person we want in our group.

Yes! Members are encouraged to bring visitors for open professions. Visit our membership page for more information, or email us at