Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Whether you’re a doctor or a lawyer, staying up-to-date on the latest changes and trends isn’t easy. However, being aware of the latest trends in your industry can keep you ahead of the curve. Each week at It’s Network Baby, one of our experienced members gives a 10-15 minute presentation to educate fellow members on their small business and current trends in their industry.

Upcoming Member Spotlight Speakers

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Mary Ellen Twohey

Thank you to Mary Ellen for networking with us and telling us about all the marketing services she offers and their benefits.

Three things that distinguish your business from that of your competition: 
1. Consistency in work and communication.
2. Timely response. I always answer my emails to let you know the status or ETA on a project.  
3. If you want something done, more than likely I can find a way to do it!

Contact Mary Ellen Today:

Greg O’Keefe

Thank you Greg for networking with us and telling us the importance of having a payroll service and the benefits of having a human resource team on your side.

Three things that set Greg apart:
• successful ability of our clients to engage in growing their business
• remove much of the burden of running a business so that the owners can focus on getting to the top of their field and staying there
• Innovation in all areas of your business is required to thrive, and we are there to innovate for you

Contact Greg Today!
O 855.353.1035
C 480.703.6005

John R Van Duyn

What three things set John apart from other Real Estate Agents?
• Communicating and explaining all the details
• Staying on schedule
• Never giving up until the client has what they want

Contact John Today!
C 602.743.7167
O 480.287.5200

Kathleen Murphy

Three Things That Make Kathleen a Great Coach:
• Values relationships
• Has lots of energy
• Letting clients know they have choices and helping them find the solution that will make them happy

Contact Kathleen Today!
C 917.209.2164

Dr. Terry Work

Thank you for educating the group on sleep apnea and the solutions you can provide along with your amazing dentistry skills!

What sets Dr. Work apart from other dentists?
• Earning his patients’ trust
• Connecting with patients on a personal level
• Creating a treatment plan that is not only convenient but effective

Contact Dr. Terry Work today:
O 480.391.0099
C 480.620.2934

Anne Cornelius CPA, P.C.

Thank you, Anne, for speaking with us about your five star service as a CPA!

What three things set Anne apart from other CPAs?
• The best staff
• A strong Canadian cross-border international tax niche
• Loving what I do

Contact Anne today!
O 480.966.0870 | C 602.499.7964

Ron Smith

Thank you, Ron, for networking with us and telling us about the Scottsdale Computer Guy!

The three things that set Ron apart:
• Client works directly with Ron- the owner
• Reasonable Prices- No overhead 
• No upsell- offer suggestions/recommendations

Get in touch with Ron today! 

to schedule your meeting today!

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